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1.Excellent color tinting stability 2.Obtain synergistic effect when blending with internal and external lubricant 3.Prominent heat stability. 4.Imparts excellent heat stability and processability when mixing with ABS or MBS 5.Fine transparency 6.Great thermal stability 7.Great anti-sulfur staining ability. 8.Suitable for high temperature processing.

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Organic tin are the organic compounds of tin formed by the direct combination of carbon and organic elements. There are two types of alkyl tin compounds and aromatic compounds. The basic structure of a substituted, disubstituted, trisubstituted and tetrasubstituted (referring to the number of R). 10-20% of tin production is used to synthesize organic tin compounds.Organic tin main features are efficient, with high transparency, excellent heat resistance, and resistance to sulfide pollution.


Organic tin is mainly used in food packaging film and other transparent PVC products. Organic tin is PVC processing molding process efficient and excellent stabilizer. Organic tin thermal stability, transparency is better than other PVC heat stabilizer. Organic tin and its products have been identified as non-toxic and safe by the Federal Health Service (BGA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other world health authorities. Organic tin has prominently suppresses pre-coloration performance in PVC processing, excellent UV resistance and long-term stability. T has good fluidity, good color retention during processing, good product transparency, and can effectively maintain the recycling of secondary processing.

Organic tin is widely used in PVC resin processing industry. Organic tin is suitable for PVC molding, calendering, extrusion, blow molding and injection molding. Organic tin is especially suitable for PVC processing such as medicine, food and drinking water pipe. (TI can not be used with lead, cadmium and other stabilizers)



Tin content (%)


Mercapto Sulfur content(%)




Specific gravity(25"C,g/cm3)




Monomethyl tin content(%)


Trimethyl tin content(%)



Clear pale oily liquid

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