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Calcium Zinc Stabilizer

Good plasticizing fluidity, dispersion and tinctorial strength. Eco-friendly,and non-toxic, better weather resistance Good lubricity and unique coupling. Excellent processing and insulating properties.

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Calcium zinc stabilizer introduction

Calcium zinc stabilizer is a kind of Environmental Friendly pvc heat stabilizer with high-tech ecological.

Calcium zinc stabilizer made by organic acid calcium, zinc salt as the main body, supported by phosphite, ß-diketone, antioxidant, stabilizer and epoxy compounds such as organic solvent compound formed. 

Product name: Ca Zn liquid stabilizer

Appearance: light yellow transparent oil liquid

Application: PVC wire and cable, slush toys, films, hoses and other PVC products with different profiles.

Reference Dosage: 2-3 PHR

Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ROHS


Specification of Calcium zinc stabilizer





Ca Content %

2.4 +/-0.2

Zn Content %

1.8 +/-0.2

Dendesia 25℃, g,cm3


Viscosity, Vimpa·s


Refractive index


Boiling Point, ℃


Flash Point, ℃

130 min

Feature of Calcium zinc stabilizer

Calcium zinc stabilizer has good thermal stability, light stability and transparency and tinctorial strength.

Calcium zinc stabilizer is environmental friendly, non-toxic stabilizer. Has good plasticizing fluidity.

Calcium zinc stabilizer is better compatible with soft PVC products

Calcium zinc stabilizer is a good lubricity and unique coupling effect improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Calcium zinc stabilizer’s Application

1. Calcium zinc stabilizer could used in Calendering film, Rubber calendering products and other calendering products.

2. Calcium zinc stabilizer Used in Transparent films.

3. Calcium zinc stabilizer Used in all kinds of profiles, like window profiles, furniture profiles and other profiles.

4. Calcium zinc stabilizer Used in all kinds of wire and cable.

5. Calcium zinc stabilizer Used in all kinds of artificial leather.

6. Calcium zinc stabilizer Used in all kinds of pipes and fittings.



Package in 200kg drum

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