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  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
    Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
    Good plasticizing fluidity, dispersion and tinctorial strength. Eco-friendly,and non-toxic, better weather resistance Good lubricity and unique coupling. Excellent processing and insulating properties.
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  • Zinc Stearate
    Zinc Stearate
    Zinc stearate is adopted the newest international synthesized process。Zinc stearate is energy saving and pollution-free during production process.With advantages of low free fatty acid,super fine,transparency,good dispersing property,easier...
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  • Barium Stearate
    Barium Stearate
    Non-sulfur staining Excellent transparency and heat stability Good electrical insulation Possess excellent synergistic effect with Cd, Pb stabilizers Excellent lubrication Provide good printing ability
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  • Lead Stearate
    Lead Stearate
    Lead stearate can be used as a thermal stabilizer and lubricant for polyvinyl chloride, with good lubrication and thermal stability.
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  • Lead Sulfate
    Lead Sulfate
    Lead sulfate tribasic In the wet state It will be discoloration decomposition by sunlight. It has steady effect for PVC resin. With excellent thermostability, electrical insulating, lightproof. Suitable for high temperature process and production
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  • Dibasic
    Dibasic lead phosphite Could soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid. Dibasic lead phosphate with weatherability, excellent thermo stability, electrical insulating, and anti-oxidation and UV-shielding performance.
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  • Organotin
    1.Excellent color tinting stability 2.Obtain synergistic effect when blending with internal and external lubricant 3.Prominent heat stability. 4.Imparts excellent heat stability and processability when mixing with ABS or...
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  • Calcium Stearate
    Calcium Stearate
    1.Calcium stearate have good heat stability and initial staining property. 2.Calcium stearate have excellent processability and wide working range. 3.Calcium stearate is Non-toxic, completely meet EU RoHS Directive, fully following SGS...
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  • Lead Stabilizer
    Lead Stabilizer
    1. Hass good thermo stability and processing performance 2. Has excellent internal and external Iubricating balance 3. Improves the uniformity of dispersion with resin
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