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Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

CPVC has similar uses as PVC. However, because of the chlorinating process, CPVC is able to withstand higher pressures and temperatures. CPVC has an upper temperature tolerance of 180 degrees, so it can be used for hot water pipes.

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1.Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride Product introduction:

CPVC, which is Chlorinated PVC, adopt the advanced suspension chlorination equipment, after dehydration and desiccation and processed into white powder on the bases of our years producing experience. It has good chemical stability, excellent property of heat resistance, anti-flaming and low heat conductivity.

2.Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride Specification:




30-mesh screening rate



volatile content



chlorine content



heat decomposition temperature



heat stability



3.Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride Application:

1. CPVC Tubing  is mainly used for processing tubing and hot water delivery and corrosion medium. It can keep enough strength if the temperature is not more than 100 °C and can be used for long time under higher inteinsic pressure. The weight of CPVC is only one-sixth of that of brass and one-fifth of steel. 

It has very low thermal conductivity. Therefore, the pipe produced with CPVC has the characters of low weight, good heat insulation performance without heat preservation.

2.CPVC pipe can be used as hot sewage pipe, electroplating solution piping, thermochemistry agent transfer piping of enterprises and the wet chlorine transfer piping Chlorine-Caustic plants.

4.Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride Packing 

25 kg bag

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