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Antistatic Agent

The antistatic agent multi-line surfactant, can make plastic surface affinity moisture, ionic surfactant and the conductive action, can cause the static electricity to leak in time.

Antistatic agent good durability, generally used for antistatic effect requirements of strict plastic products.

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1. General Description:

Antistatic agent short for ASA.

Due to the volume resistivity of polymer generally up to 1010 ~ 1020 Ω/cm2, savings electrostatic easily and danger, and antistatic agent of surfactant, can make the plastic surface water affinity, ionic surfactants and conductive function, thus it can be make the electrostatic leakage in a timely manner.

2.Product index:

Product name: Antistatic agent

Other name: ASA.

Dosage: 0.06--1.2 %

Purity : >90%

Color :white


It not only reduces the surface resistivity of the polymer, but also has high transparency and anti-static performance.


suitable for all kinds of PE (polyethylene)

PP (polypropylene)

SAN (styrene - acrylonitrile),

ABS (acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene),

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film and sheet products.


PA resin.

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