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PVC Processing Aid

  • PVC Foaming Regulator
    PVC Foaming Regulator

    Non-sulfur staining

    Excellent transparency and heat stability

    Good electrical insulation

    Possess excellent synergistic effect with Cd, Pb stabilizers


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  • Antioxidants

    1.Excellent antioxidant

    2.Good compatibility with resin,no precipitation

    3.Good processability,it doesn’t volatilize and decompose in high polymer processing temperature.

    4.Antioxidants has good...

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  • UV Stabilizer
    UV Stabilizer

    1.UV Resistant Agent is a high Performance and efficient anti-aging additives.

    2.Functions:light color, non-toxic, easy of processing,good compatibility, small mobility.

    It has a great protection to polymer,and is helpful to...

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  • Antistatic Agent
    Antistatic Agent

    The antistatic agent multi-line surfactant, can make plastic surface affinity moisture, ionic surfactant and the conductive action, can cause the static electricity to leak in time.

    Antistatic agent good durability, generally used for...

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  • Fire Retardant
    Fire Retardant
    Long-Term retardant is the ideal tool for slowing or stopping the spread of fires. It is mainly aimed at the polymer materials. Medium and low viscosity; powder and liquid concentrates are available. They are the safest, environmental friendly, most...
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  • Flexibilizer
    Flexibilizer is a clear, low viscosity liquid additive that will improve the low temperature toughness and impact resistance of the PVC. Also, it will help with de-airing castable resins and will help laminating epoxies wet out through composite...
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  • Optical Brighteners
    Optical Brighteners
    Our Sino optical brighteneres, solvable in water, has as much 2.7times white effect on cotton cloth as Diphenylethylene twin trisriazine derivatives and has well optical blue color moniter,dissolve and has extremely high stability with...
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  • Brighteners

    Optical brighteners, or fluorescent whitening agents, are used to make plastic products, fibers,and coatings appear whiter.

    These products are particularly useful to mask the yellowish cast sometimes observed in plastics after high...

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  • Foaming Agent
    Foaming Agent
    Foaming agent widely used, the most superior performance, the most stable. the foaming quantity, non-flammable, no pollution, non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion of the mold, the products don't dye, decomposition speed adjustable, does not affect the...
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