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  • Black Masterbatch
    Black Masterbatch
    Masterbatch is a solid additive for plastic used for coloring plastics (Color Masterbatch) or imparting other properties to plastics(Additive Masterbatch). It’s a concentrated mixture of highly concentrated pigment or additives and thermoplastic resins...
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  • Titanium Dioxide
    Titanium Dioxide
    Made of titanium pigment coating, colorful, and covered the high force, strong tinting strength, dosage, many varieties, can protect to the stability of the medium, and the paint film mechanical strength and adhesion, to prevent crack, prevent ultraviolet...
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  • Carbon Black
    Carbon Black
    Carbon black is a kind of amorphous carbon, light, loose and extremely fine black powder, the surface area is very large. Black dye can be used to make Chinese ink, ink, paint, etc., also used in rubber reinforcement.
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  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
    Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
    Good plasticizing fluidity, dispersion and tinctorial strength. Eco-friendly,and non-toxic, better weather resistance Good lubricity and unique coupling. Excellent processing and insulating properties.
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  • PE Wax
    PE Wax
    1.Highly derived, very stable (temperature, pressure, UV light, chemicals) molecular structures are being produced. Final products made from these are very durable and do not yellow. 2.Good rheological properties,Shorter carbon chains are...
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  • Impact Modifier-CPE 135A/135/140
    Impact Modifier-CPE 135A/135/140
    Chlorinated polyethylene has no poison and odor.It has excellent weather resistance,ozone resistance,chemical resistance and anti-aging.It also has good oil resistance,flame retardancy and colorability. in -30℃ temperature,chlorinated polyethylene still...
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  • Filler Masterbatch
    Filler Masterbatch
    1) With good filler properties, high whiteness
    2) Improve the characters of plast products and reducing the cost
    3) Good dispersion and strong antioxygen and aging resistance
    4) Good processing performance, large amount of addition....
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  • Function Masterbatch
    Function Masterbatch
    1) Non-toxic, no moisture absorption and no discoloration
    2) With good dispersiveness and steady founction
    2) Strong coloring capacity, antioxygen and aging resistance
    3) Wide application
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  • Color Masterbatch
    Color Masterbatch
    1) High concentration pigment with bright colors
    2) Good compatibility with excellent tinting strength
    3) Excellent dispersion and stability
    4) Environmental friendly,easy to use
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  • White Masterbatch
    White Masterbatch
    1) High content of Tio2 with goods whiteness and no discoloration
    2) Good heat stability and dispersion, without influence to the material properties
    3) superior compatibility, without changing the original spinning technique
    4) Good...
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  • Continuous Mixer
    Continuous Mixer
    Double rotor continuous compaction extrusion granulator is specially designed extended mixing rotor configuration gives the material with a soft shear force and a new continuous mixing method, which has a strong filling mixing and distribution capacity....
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  • Three Screw Extruder
    Three Screw Extruder
    Three screw extruder have high shear efficiency and good plasticizing effect;Good practice and dispersal effect.;High output and low energy consumption;Good exhaust performance.
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