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Epoxidized Soybean Oil

ESO Main feature 1.Nontoxicity. 2.Low volatility, high tolerance and resistance to migration. 3.Weather resistance, heat resistance.

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1.Epoxidized soybean oil Description:

Product Name:Epoxidized soybean oil/ESBO,ESO

Appearance:transparent light yellow oily liquid without visible impurities

CAS Number: 8013-07-8

EINECS No.:232-391-0


2.Epoxidized soybean oil Specification



Molecular Weight

Approx: 1000

Acid Value

0.5 max

Oxirane Oxygen

6.6 % min

iodine Value

3.0 max(WIJS method)

Weight Loss After Heating

0.2% max

Specific Gravity

0.982-1.002 (25/25℃)

Refractive index

1.470±0.002 (25℃)


200 max (APHA)


350cps ~ 450cps (25℃)

3.Epoxidized soybean oil Application

● ESO used for epoxy resin, PVC, neoprene, nitrile rubber plasticizer.

● ESO used for Calendering color polyvinyl chlorid, CA Zn composite stabilizer, PVC liquid compound heat stabilizer.

● ESO used for Paint, ink, CCL, pesticides, such as UV coating, synthetic resin products such as UV.

● ESO used for PVC products.

● ESO used for Food packaging materials, medical products, all kinds of film, sheet, pipe, refrigerator seal, artificial leather, floor leather, plastic wallpaper, wire and cable and other plastic products for daily use.

4.Epoxidized soybean oil Package and storage

200KG iron drum

1000KG IBC tank or Flexi-bag in Bulk 

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