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Carbon Black

Carbon black is a kind of amorphous carbon, light, loose and extremely fine black powder, the surface area is very large. Black dye can be used to make Chinese ink, ink, paint, etc., also used in rubber reinforcement.

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A carbon black for coloring pigments in ink, paint, paint, and the like. According to the color intensity (or blackness) and the size of the particles are generally divided into high-pigment carbon black, medium carbon black, ordinary pigment carbon black and low pigment carbon black four. Mainly by the contact method and oil furnace production.

Product name: Pigment Carbon Black

Appearance:Black Powder

Cas NO.:1333-86-4

Einecs NO:215-609-9

Molecular formula:C

2. Main Feature:

● Good dispersion

● High gloss 

● High blackness.

● Strong coloring

● good fluidity

3. Technical Specification



Average particle size(nm)


BET specific surface area(m2/g)


DPB absorption(ml/100g)




Relative color strength(%≥)








4. Application

The product has good dispersion, mainly used in high blackness, high brightness coating, plastic field, automotive topcoat, car repair paint, plastic paint, electrophoretic paint, high-grade wood paint.

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