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Specific Classification Of Polyvinyl Chloride Resins

- Jan 23, 2018 -

A) PVC General Soft Products

The use of extruder can be squeezed into hoses, cables, wires and so on, the use of injection molding machine with a variety of molds can be made into plastic sandals, soles, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.

Two) PVC film

PVC and additive mixing, plastic, the use of three-roll or four-roll calender to make the specified thickness of transparent or pigmented film, this method of processing film, become calendering film. Can also be cut, hot-fitting processing packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys. Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and mulch. After biaxial stretching of the film, the heat shrinkage characteristics can be used to shrink packaging.

Three) PVC Coated Products

There is a substrate of artificial leather is the PVC is confused on the cloth or paper, and then in 100 degrees Celsius or more plastic. PVC and auxiliaries can also be rolled into thin film, and then with the substrate pressure. No substrate of artificial leather is directly from the calender calendering to a certain thickness of the soft sheet, and then press on the pattern can be. Artificial leather can be used to make suitcase, purse, book cover, sofa and car cushion, and leather, as a building material.

Four) PVC Foam Products

Soft PVC Mixing, add the right amount of blowing agent to do a piece of material, foam molding for Styrofoam, foam slippers, sandals, insoles, and shockproof cushioning packaging materials. can also be used as an extruder based on low foam rigid PVC sheet and profiled materials, can replace the wood trial, is a new type of building materials.