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Manufacture Technology Of Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

- Jan 23, 2018 -

PVC can be widely used in the building materials industry, there are two important reasons:

One is the unique performance of PVC (rain-proof, fire-resistant, anti-static, easy to shape), the second is low input of PVC high yield characteristics.

PVC production process is not complex, the general production line by the rolling machine, printing presses, back coating machine and cutting machine, mainly through the rolling machine direct stirring, roller rotation and high temperature rolling production thickness of only 0.3 MM to 0.7mm of film, production at the same time and through the printing press in the film on the front of the color, through the back coating machine in the back of the membrane attached a layer of back coating. This coating is an important guarantee for high quality PVC film. Back coating by a special material, is a high-energy affinity, it is because of this coating, PVC film can tightly and the central plate or other plates fused together, ten years or even 15 years not glue. And the common veneer film in the biggest problem is unable to solve the problem of membrane shedding.

Because the whole production process is at high temperature (rolling machine temperature reached 220 degrees), which makes PVC film has high resistance to light and fire resistance, to ensure high-quality PVC film. Of course, this demand for production machines is very high, usually a set of production equipment cost about 39 million mark, equivalent to RMB about 160 million yuan. On the other hand, PVC membrane production process is quite simple, machine production is also very large, so comprehensive look, PVC is actually a low input, high production products.