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Application Range Of Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

- Jan 23, 2018 -

PVC market price More and more show a volatile, cyclical strong characteristics, in general, supply and demand pattern is the fundamental factor, the specific performance of the short-term cost factors, production factors, inventory changes, demand changes, upstream raw material price changes (electricity prices, salt prices, crude oil prices, ethylene price, VCM and EDC Monomer prices, etc., are also affected by national policies, such as anti-dumping, tariff adjustment, industrial structure, industry access, tax rate adjustment and so on. Supply and demand relationship is the fundamental factor that affects the price of PVC. In the long run, PVC capacity in China has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, production has increased significantly, but the utilization of PVC capacity has declined, while demand growth has slowed down, net imports continue to decline, it is expected that our country in the near future will be transferred to the ranks of net exporters. From the development of domestic PVC supply and demand pattern, with the new capacity of the domestic market supply to loose, supply and demand will be the overall trend in the direction of oversupply.