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Internal Lubricant

Internal lubricant is white particle,flake or powder. Internal lubricant with good lubricant effect,?chemical durability and good electrical performance, Internal lubricant can soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon.

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Internal lubricant is a neutral saturated fatty alcohol dicarboxylate with milky white or light yellow flake or flowing powder, Internal lubricant is non-toxic and tasteless,Internal lubricant insoluble in water, soluble in tributyl phosphate and chloroform, Internal lubricant  melting point 42 -48℃, flash point> 225℃, Internal lubricant can be used as a PVC lubricant used to produce a variety of PVC products.

Internal lubricant is low adhesive, high softening point and good hardness with stable chemical characteristics of good heat stability, good dispersion performance, no poison, no frost and mucous membrane; Internal lubricant as an ideal interior & exterior lubricant, Internal lubricant can be used as a substitute for liquid paraffin, natural paraffin etc.

Internal lubricant as PVC processing lubricants, and PVC and other additives have good compatibility for a variety of processing conditions, can promote uniform plasticization of the melt to improve the impact strength and surface gloss, widely used In the transparent film, pellets, profiles, plates, pipes, the amount of 0.3-1.2 is generally added, under special circumstances, need appropriate increasing.

Internal lubricant package:

25Kgs per plastic woven bag, with inner PE bag. 

the package of High performance pvc internal melting lubricant


Melting Point


Melt Viscosity at 25℃

30-50 cps

Density at 25℃

0.95 g/cm3

Acid Value (mg KOH/g)




Penetration at 25℃

1.5-2 dmm

20 ft container

16 tons(with pallet)

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