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The industry problems of PVC processing auxiliaries

- Jan 23, 2018 -

1, MBS technology and exhibition slow, broad market, but the domestic product market share is low.

Although after more than 20 years of development, but the domestic MBS industry is only for the initial stage, no company's products can be as processing additive ACR and foreign products completely contend with, the existing enterprises are most faced with equipment selection is not advanced, synthetic technology is not stable, synthetic technology has not broken a series of problems, Even most enterprises do not have their own styrene-butadiene latex synthesis device, can only buy non-MBS-specific styrene-butadiene latex for MBS production, its product quality is conceivable. and currently to market products, mostly by price advantage, applied to the product quality requirements of PVC products, while in the high-end market, market share is small, simply failed to form the impact on foreign companies. Imports are expected to be 560,000 tonnes in 2006, accounting for more than 70% of total demand.

2, researchers and research institutions are less, failed to form a scientific and technological research joint effort.

Although MBS has been listed as a national science and technology projects, but has not been a major breakthrough. The main reason is that fewer researchers, less scientific and technological input. During 75, Zhejiang University and Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute signed a cooperation agreement to deal with the project, but failed to make substantial progress. is still the industry research institutions to carry out independent testing, to seek breakthroughs, but this research and development model and foreign groups, the scale of the scientific research team can be said compared to amateur.