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The existing problems of PVC processing auxiliaries

- Jan 23, 2018 -

1, compared with foreign products, there is still a certain gap, low price advantage is not the core of market competition.

Although domestic products in the market competition has a certain geographical and price advantages, but compared with foreign products in our product performance, variety, stability and other aspects of a certain gap, which with our product formulations, processing technology (such as automated control and continuous production control), processing equipment (large capacity reaction equipment applications), and the post treatment process (domestic commonly used spray drying, the use of fluidized bed drying abroad) is related.

2, the small factory is mixed, does not occupy the absolute status the leading enterprise, causes the market disorderly competition.

At present, there are more than 30 ACR manufacturers, but the large-scale production (annual installation capacity of 5000 tons) of only 4, respectively, Shandong Zico Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Ruifeng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd., Zibo plastic additives factory, Weihai Golden Wang Group, Products of these scale enterprises, regardless of product variety and product quality, in the domestic and international markets have established a good image.

3, the rise in crude oil prices led to the rise in raw material prices, corporate profits fell.

Because of the high international crude oil prices, leading to ACR production of all the main raw materials methyl methacrylate and acrylic ester high, and downstream customers on the product price lag led to ACR processing enterprise profits generally decline, there are 2003, 2004, the whole industry loss situation, at present, due to the price of raw materials stabilized, The industry has seen a good momentum of profitability.