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PVC processing Auxiliaries

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Processing aids in foreign countries first by the United States Luo Haas (Rohm & Hass) company in 1958 successfully developed, the same year launched the first brand K-120. Since then, many foreign companies have begun to dabble in this field and develop similar products. After the 70 's, with the rapid growth of PVC products, processing auxiliaries have been widely used. At present, the major foreign manufacturers and related products are Japan Mitsubishi (Mitsubshi ROYAL) Company P series, Kanegafuchi Chemical (Kaneka) PA series, the United States Luo Haas (Rohm & Hass) Company K Series, Germany bear Brand (Bears) F series, Atofina (ATOFINA) P series, as well as Korea's LG chemical PA series.