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PVC Additives Detailed Introduction

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Processing aids in foreign countries first by the United States Luo Haas (Rohm & Hass) company in 1958 successfully developed, the same year launched the first brand K-120. Since then, many foreign companies have begun to dabble in this field and develop similar products. After the 70 's, with the rapid growth of PVC products, processing auxiliaries have been widely used. At present, the major foreign manufacturers and related products are Japan Mitsubishi (Mitsubshi ROYAL) Company P series, Kanegafuchi Chemical (Kaneka) PA series, the United States Luo Haas (Rohm & Hass) Company K Series, Germany bear Brand (Bears) F series, Atofina (ATOFINA) P series, as well as Korea's LG chemical PA series.

The domestic earlier engaged in the research of PVC processing auxiliaries is Beijing Institute of Chemical Industry, Shanxi Institute of Chemical Engineering. Shanghai Coral Chemical plant in the early 80 the earliest realization of industrial production, the introduction of the brand in China collectively referred to as ACR201, ACR401. In the late 90 's, with the development of polyvinyl chloride industry in China, especially the rapid development of plastic profiled materials and plastics pipe industry, the demand for processing auxiliaries is increasing rapidly, and the production of Shandong is the first, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are closely followed. According to incomplete statistics, 2005 a total of production of various kinds of PVC processing aids 50,000 tons, of which Shandong province accounted for more than 70% of the total production of auxiliaries.