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How to choose Stabilizer in soft PVC formula

- Jan 23, 2018 -

When processing products with PVC products, because of their easy oxidation, heat resistance, so in the production process will add a variety of additives. Commonly used additives have heat stabilizer, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbent and so on. Heat stabilizer is one of the most used, it is mainly in the heating process to prevent or reduce the decomposition of PVC resin. But because the PVC product has the soft hard cent, therefore it to the heat stabilizer request different. We have already introduced the rigid PVC Products Heat stabilizer selection, today we go to see the soft PVC products, the selection of stabilizers.

(1) Opaque soft PVC products. Regular selection of lead salt and metal soaps joined together, the proportion was 1:1, total added amount of 2-4.

(2) Translucent soft PVC products. Often choose several kinds of metal soap and use, add quantity 2-3.

(3) Transparent soft PVC products commonly used in organic tin and metal soaps joined together to join the proportion of 1:2. Organic antimony and rare earth stabilizers can also be substituted for organotin.