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Acrylic ester

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Foreign research on the impact modifier ACR began in the 1970s, and in 1972 the first acrylic-acid-resistant modifier km-323b was introduced by Romhas Corporation. Then the Japanese Kanegafuchi launched the FM series, Atofina launched the D series, LG Chemical launched the IM series.

The anti-Chong modifier ACR and the processing aid ACR are all acrylate polymers, but because of their different formulations and structure, the performance varies greatly, and the add of methyl methacrylate in the anti-Chong ACR accounts for about is. The modifier ACR is the same as the nuclear-shell structure of MBS. and MBS, CPE and other anti-impact modifier, its processing performance and weathering performance, high surface finish, especially for outdoor products, in foreign countries, acrylate-type anti-impact modifier because of its environmental protection, excellent performance, high weatherability performance has replaced the CPE anti-Chong modifier.

The research on the domestic antagonism to the ACR is earlier, but the real investment in industrialized production is still at the end of the 90 's. The main research unit is Yiyuan Rui Feng Company, Weihai Jin Wang Company, Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute and Liaoning Bo Tatsu Company, but because of domestic CPE production capacity, low prices, downstream customers on the quality of the product requirements are not high, resulting in prices than CPE 1/3 and add roughly the same amount of anti-punch ACR is difficult to promote in the market, At present, the total demand in China is about 15,000 tons, and the import volume is about 5000 tons.