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Color Masterbatch

1) High concentration pigment with bright colors
2) Good compatibility with excellent tinting strength
3) Excellent dispersion and stability
4) Environmental friendly,easy to use

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Color Masterbatch


Color Masterbatch is a kind of concentrated mixture of Inorganic pigments or Organic pigments with Carriers. Color masterbatch have differet color owing the different pigment. The Color masterbatch has the excellent dispersion and stability performance. And the color masterbatch has the highest mechanical intensity preservation.


Other Names: Color Master batch

Appearance: granule, pellets



Specification of Color Masterbatch


color, uniform size, cylindrical, round or flat round particles



Content of Color Pigment


Moisture Content



Colorless, streaks

Melt index (g/10min)


Heat Resistance ℃


MFI(g/10min, 15kg/190 ℃)


Light Resistance


Migration Resistance

≥4 level


Feature of Color Masterbatch

1. Color Masterbatch has the goods dispersion and heat resistance

2. Color masterbatch with good flexibility and good tinting strength

3. Color Masterbatch has the good plasticizing properties and stability

4. Color masterbatch is a non-toxic mixture, meet the requirement of ROHS, FDA, easy to use.


Application of Color Materbatch

1. Color Materbatch can be used in Film, such as the shopping bags, Garbage bags, Agricultural greenhouse film, etc

2. Color masterbatch can be used in Blow Molding, such as the containers of Lubricant and Paint, etc

3. Color Masterbatch can be used in the Extrusion Molding, such as the Pipes, wire and cables, Sheet, etc

4. Color Masterbatch also can be used in Fiber and Injection Molding



Package in 25kg bag

Color Masterbatch should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from hot steam pipe and fire source, to avoid direct sun and damp.


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