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Function Masterbatch

1) Non-toxic, no moisture absorption and no discoloration
2) With good dispersiveness and steady founction
2) Strong coloring capacity, antioxygen and aging resistance
3) Wide application

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Functional Masterbatch

Filler masterbatches (master batch) is the concentrates of variety plastic additives. Add the additives is not easy to disperse, and the use efficiency is not high. So often add in the form of masterbatch. Functional Masterbatch including the anti-aging masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, conductive masterbatch and so on.

Other Names: Functional Master batch

Appearance: White Cylindrical shape, uniform particles


Specification of Functional Masterbatch


Round or flat round particles

Moisture Content


Density g/cm3

≤ 1.24

Particle size of calcium carbonate μm


Heat Resistance ℃


MFI(g/10min, 15kg/190 ℃)




Feature of Functional Masterbatch

1. Functional masterbatch has the good dispersion, Chemical Stability.

2. Functional masterbatch has anti-aging ability and high temperature resistance

3. Functional masterbatch has acid and alkali resistence

4. Functional masterbatch is environmental protection, Non-toxic, and easy to operate


Application of Functional Masterbatch

1. Functional masterbatch used for pipes, household applicances, toys and sports products.

2. Functional masterbatch used for packing material, wire and cables, housewares

3. Functional masterbatch also can used for snack box, sheet, electrical appliance sheet, packing belt

4. Functional masterbatch used for woven bag, garbage bag, shopping bag, non-woven fabric and casting film.


Package in 25kg bag

Store in dark and ventilated place at normal temperature. avoid of high temperature, damp and water.

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