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  • Transparent Powder
    Transparent Powder
    Product introduction : Transparent powder is a non-metallic mineral with high hardness, low oil absorption, easy dispersing, strong stability, non-toxic, tasteless, acid and corrosion resistance. With high transparency, the refractive index of the filling...
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  • Talcum Powder
    Talcum Powder
    Product introduction: The talcum powder is called PULVISTALCI in English. It is white or white like, fine and non abrasive powder. It feels oily. Odorless, tasteless. This product is insoluble in water, dilute ore acid or dilute hydrogen oxidizing alkali...
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  • Barium Sulfate Precipited
    Barium Sulfate Precipited
    Product introduction : The precipitated barium sulfate is white amorphous powder with a relative density of 4.50 (15 degrees) and a melting point of 1580 degrees. Because of its high refractive index (1.63~1.65), it shows a lighter color and has a certain...
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  • Calcium Carbonate (Heavy)
    Calcium Carbonate (Heavy)
    Product introduction: Calcium carbonate, calcite powder, is the abbreviation of heavy calcium carbonate, and is made from natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble and limestone. It is a common powdery inorganic filler with high chemical purity,...
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