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Color Masterbatch,Filler Masterbatch Series

  • Filler Masterbatch
    Filler Masterbatch
    1) With good filler properties, high whiteness
    2) Improve the characters of plast products and reducing the cost
    3) Good dispersion and strong antioxygen and aging resistance
    4) Good processing performance, large amount of addition....
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  • Function Masterbatch
    Function Masterbatch
    1) Non-toxic, no moisture absorption and no discoloration
    2) With good dispersiveness and steady founction
    2) Strong coloring capacity, antioxygen and aging resistance
    3) Wide application
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  • Color Masterbatch
    Color Masterbatch
    1) High concentration pigment with bright colors
    2) Good compatibility with excellent tinting strength
    3) Excellent dispersion and stability
    4) Environmental friendly,easy to use
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  • White Masterbatch
    White Masterbatch
    1) High content of Tio2 with goods whiteness and no discoloration
    2) Good heat stability and dispersion, without influence to the material properties
    3) superior compatibility, without changing the original spinning technique
    4) Good...
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  • Continuous Mixer
    Continuous Mixer
    Double rotor continuous compaction extrusion granulator is specially designed extended mixing rotor configuration gives the material with a soft shear force and a new continuous mixing method, which has a strong filling mixing and distribution capacity....
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  • Three Screw Extruder
    Three Screw Extruder
    Three screw extruder have high shear efficiency and good plasticizing effect;Good practice and dispersal effect.;High output and low energy consumption;Good exhaust performance.
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  • Twin Screw Extruder
    Twin Screw Extruder
    Twin-screw extruder is forced extruding, high quality, wide adaptability, long working life, low shearing speed, hard decomposition, good compounding & plasticization, and direct shaping of powder material and etc.
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  • Single Screw Extruder
    Single Screw Extruder
    Single screw extruder is simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. And adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.
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  • Iron Oxide Yellow
    Iron Oxide Yellow
    Iron Oxide Yellow 1.Introduction Iron Oxide Yellow also applicable to various coatings and protective materials, including water exterior coating and powder coatings, as well as various oil paints, such as epoxy, alkyd, amidogen, and some other primer and...
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  • Iron Oxide Red
    Iron Oxide Red
    Iron Oxide Red 1.Introduction Deep red powder,sistance to acids and alkais,fastness to light,heat;having the good chemical stability,excellent in tinting strenghth and hiding power Appearance:Red Powder Cas NO.:1332-37-2 Einecs NO:215-168-2 Molecular...
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  • Phthalein Green
    Phthalein Green
    Phthalein Green 1.Introduction Phthalocyanine green is a phthalocyanine blue pigment in which most of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine. The distribution of the strong electron negative chlorine atoms affects the electrons in the phthalocyanine...
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  • Phthalein Blue
    Phthalein Blue
    Phthalein Blue 1.Introduction Phthalein Blue is also known as Copper Indigo Green, Haili Qin Blue B, Pigment Blue, Cyan Blue Palace, Monash Blue B, etc. Belong to pigment series. The formula is C32H16CuN8 Product name: Pigment Phyhslrin blue...
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