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Heavy Calcium Carbonated

1.Heavy calcium carbonate is high purity, the majority of products containing almost 99.20% calcium carbonate.

2.Heavy calcium carbonate is high brightness, high whiteness selected flawless natural mineral products typical whiteness ≥ 96.

3.Impurity content is low.

4.Heavy calcium carbonate have uniform grain size

5.Heavy calcium carbonate adopting dry surface treatment technique , with high activation rate.

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Heavy calcium carbonate

Heavy calcium carbonate,simply called heavy calcium, is a white powder made of fine calcitelts chief composition is CaCO3. Calcium stearate displays such properties as whiteness, purity, soft colour and stability in chemical composition. Therefore calcium stearate is a very good filling widely used in industry. 


Product Name: Heavy Calcium Carbonate 

Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

CAS No.: 471-34-1

MF: Ca2CO3

EINECS No.: 207-439-9

Shelf life:24 months

Technical Specification:



CaCO3 %


PH value (10% suspension)


Volatile matter (105oC) %

0.40 max

HCL insoluble matter %

0.10 max

Depression volume (ml/g)

2.8 min

Fe content %

0.08 max

Mn content %

0.006 max

Residue 125um %

0.005 max

Residue 45um %

0.30 max


93.0 min


White powder


1. In rubber manufacture: Calcium carbonate was the earliest filler used in the rubber industry. It can enlarge the capacity in the rubber products, for saving the cost. It also enhance the tensile strength, abrasion and tearing strength.

2. Plastic manufacture: As the framwork in plastic products, keeping stablity of the  products, strengthen the products, keeing surface smoothly. Since the calcium carbonate is hight white, it can place the expensive the white ployethylene, for whitening the plastic products.

3. Paper making: Whitening the paper, and as the fller, can reducing the pulp, for saving the cost etc.


25 KGS/BAG ,25MT/20'FCL

Storage and Transportation

Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

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